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Robert Miller (President)

Robert Miller founded Broadcast Wind LLC in 2010 to bridge the gap between wind site development and broadcast signal interference. Mr. Miller has assembled a team of experienced RF, and Electrical Engineers to support the growth of renewable energy in broadcasting environments and to establish the standards needed to help ensure non-interference of turbine blades with RF signals.

Dr. Frank Marlowe (VP Engineering)

Dr. Marlowe is our has led major initiatives in the development of television broadcasting, digital signal processing, cable television, satellite broadcasting, semiconductor design and microwaves at Sarnoff Labs in Princeton NJ. He has also conducted research in Liquid crystals, flat-panel displays, television, computer memories and digital integrated circuits. Dr. Marlowe holds 15 US patents issued in television, computers and related fields. He has a PHD in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University and an MSEE from Princeton University.

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Research Collaborators and Supporters


Don Giecek, Virginia Utility Wind Farm Developer

While still in its infancy, TV interference modeling is certain to become an essential tool to help wind energy companies properly conduct due diligence on prospective wind farm sites. Your company, and the tools that it is developing will encourage and enable analysis of telecommunications interference early in the development process and more importantly, enable projects to be designed to minimize or avoid interference. This will expedite wind development and save the industry significant capital.

Brian Kuhn – Aeronautica LLC

The unknown potential factor about wind turbines causing interference to TV signals has stopped more than a few Distributed Wind projects. Until now there have not been any tools developed to rule out the potential for interference and related lawsuits. If successful these tools will help to open a whole new market for the distributed segment of our wind power industry.

Mike Kelly – Nordic Windpower

Your plan to power television transmitters in high-wind rural areas is very interesting to us. If successful, your research would open a new segment of the community wind market, in which we would be very eager to participate.

Dr. David Nissen – Columbia University Center for Energy, Marine Transportation and Public Policy

The product of [your research] is an engineering based, field-validated handbook presenting interference assessment and design standards for siting and designing wind-power facilities to provide power to TV and radio transmission facilities. These standards will be particularly effective in supporting distributed power investment in rural farming areas, where the financial “infrastructure” to support such projects must be developed. I heartily support this [research] as a vital and effective contribution to national energy, environment, and farm support policy.

Dr. Brian Schilling – Rutgers University

The interest I find in your [research] stems from its dual purpose: advancing toward our Nation’s energy independence goals through the development of clean energy facilities and securing the economic viability of the small American farm, a long-standing national policy objective. I have long believed that farms should hold an important position in our Nation’s energy discussion. The production of efficient, clean wind energy on farms will present farmers with revenue opportunities as well as promote energy self sufficiency both at the farm level and potentially across our broader industrial and residential base.

Sandi Zirbel – Zirbel Dairy Farm

We have been proactive in wind energy on our farm since 1980. ln fact, our farm hosted the first two wind utility scale turbines in the state of Wisconsin, commissioned in 1998, and we are currently involved in a project which would add another 7 turbines on our property. We also have 3 large communication towers on our property, so we have a vested interest in the success of the progressive research that Bob Miller is doing in our area. Our mission, as a family farm, has been to preserve our land for the next generations, being innovative, yet economical about our agricultural progress. For those reasons, we feel we must capitalize on every available crop we can on our farm. One of those crops is the wind and the energy it produces. Since a wind turbine base uses minimal farm land, and the roads are ‘tractor friendly’, we are able to continue tilling the earth and at the same time harvest another crop, “one level up”. The wind will always blow, whether there is a turbine to catch it or not….we shouldn’t waste it.

Robert Weller – AFCCE

The work you are doing to characterize the interference to television reception caused by wind turbines is extremely important now that the number of wind turbines installed is becoming significant. There have been many reports that wind fam1s in or near the DTV signal path can cause television receivers to fail. This effect, however, has not been the subject of thorough studies, supported by controlled experiments. Your USDA-funded research to characterize the effects of wind turbines sited close to broadcast antennas will contribute new understanding to the existing body of engineering knowledge. This infom1ation will be critical to designers of future wind energy systems who will be enabled to predict interference based on validated engineering.

Don Hicks – Missouri Broadcasters Association

We would like to express our strong support for your wind energy project and the [funding] of the ATSC signal interference testing that must take place prior to the installation of turbines adjacent to broadcast towers. As you know, both broadcasters and farmers are looking for new and creative ways to develop revenue streams and to save money. Your project will help achieve these goals while bringing clean wind energy into our state.

Lisa Churchville – Rhode Island Broadcaster

It has long been my opinion that wind power for transmitter sites would give broadcasters an excellent platform from which they can lower their carbon footprint, set an example for their viewing public and save significant money while doing so. Your research to rule out transmitter interference with wind turbines is sorely needed by our industry. Given the success of your research, your company can leverage recent reductions in turbine pricing and grow the “Broadcast Wind” concept nationally.

Marty Riemenschneider – Nebraska Broadcast Association

Our industry has a long successful history of working with our rural farmers, providing them with long term lease agreements for transmission facility land. Your [research] provides a new and exciting next step in the evolution of this mutually beneficial relationship by bringing renewable energy to the broadcasters’ sites and providing addional income to our small and medium farms across the state.

Oscar Rodriguez – Texas Association of Broadcasters

[Your research] is extremely important to the broadcast industry. Broadcasters need reliable test results in this field that will lead to standardized site building procedures we can use to place turbines on or near transmission systems.

Dr. P. Barry Butler – University of Iowa

I am happy to express my support for your [research] into the RF interference caused by wind turbines to terrestrial television signals and the enabling of distributed wind energy at TV transmitters. Based upon my review of your program, your project will fit nicely with our EPSCoR Wind Energy platform efforts.

Trudy Forsyth – Broomfield, CO

Since 1995 I have led distributed wind turbine projects at NREL; I’m an international leader on distributed wind technology, market and policies. Your [research] will open a new application for mid-size wind turbines, which will benefit farmers who would rent land for turbines, and rural broadcasters who would reduce cost of electricity.

Jason Keyes – Keyes and Fox, LLP

We have taken great interest in following your research into developing the RF interference models required to power TV transmitters with distributed wind energy [and] strongly support your application to the USDA for Phase 2 funding.

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Broadcast Client Accolades


Dennis Lyle, President/CEO
Illinois Broadcasters Association

“Bob’s insight into the specific needs for our association, our TV members, and particularly our Illinois TV viewers resulted in him designing the perfect IVR during this historic DTV transition process. He’s definitely been Illinois’ “go to guy” during the DTV transition and I wouldn’t hesitate to go to him again, and again, and again.”

Sam Howe, EVP and CMO
Time Warner Cable Company

“Bob Miller works collaboratively to achieve results – always keeping a laser focus on what works in operational, financial and IT systems ways. Bob is a sure bet for taking on a ‘must do’ project.”

Don Hicks, President and CEO
Missouri Broadcasters Association

“Bob Miller is, without a doubt, one of the most knowledgeable persons we’ve ever worked with on a special broadcast project. But, equally important is his work ethic. He does what he says he will do when he says he will do it.”

Jeff Moore, Executive Vice-President Sales & Marketing
Ross Video | Live Production Technology

“Bob is great to work with from a supplier perspective. While tough and demanding, Bob is always fair and reasonable. He is able to break through organizational barriers to establish a productive team approach across multiple companies in investigating and solving difficult problems. Bob effectively manages time, quality, cost and people in making a project successful.”

Chip Weinman, President
MD/DC/DE Broadcasters’ Association, Inc.

“As the state broadcasters’ association for the national capitol region, we had to satisfy the FCC with our members’ DTV transition efforts or risk regulatory consequences for broadcasters around the nation. The custom system which Bob Miller created for us handled thousands of inquiries without a hiccup. That impressed the FCC and our stations – we’re thrilled and relieved. As far as we’re concerned, he walks on water.”

Saul Shapiro, President
NY Metropolitan Television Alliance (MTVA)

“Bob is an extremely competent, well organized and engaged professional. He almost single handedly brought a level of excellence to the nation’s DTV call in service that simply would not have happened absent his involvement. That is but one of many projects that he can claim success. I would happily work with Bob again.”

Howard Blumenthal
President and CEO, Independence Media

“Bob is terrific. He thinks through problems from every angle; makes sure solutions work for everyone involved; and delivers on promises. Our situation: we were in the analog Stone Age. Now, we’re launching several digital channels. It would not have happened without Bob.”

Our Clients

Wind energy clients include the US Government, and five of the top ten wind farm developers in the US.

Broadcast clients include the National Association of Broadcasters, State Broadcast Associations, and television and radio stations.

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