"Broadcast Wind" Awarded USDA Grant to Develop Renewable Energy Alternatives for Broadcasters in Rural America

American Broadcasting together with wind energy technology present a tremendous, yet untapped revenue opportunity for small and middle sized farms across the nation.  There are approximately 18,000 TV and FM broadcast transmitters distributed across the US.  In the Midwest states, the majority of broadcast transmitters (each consuming between 100MWh and 1,500MWh annually) are located on or directly adjacent to farmland.  Wind turbines may be sited on farm land surrounding these transmitters to the benefit of the farmer, broadcaster and the nation in general. The farmer’s benefit may be derived by utilizing a small portion of his land, and leveraging local, state and national incentives to purchase a wind turbine and sell all or part of the electricity to the broadcaster.  Or, he may lease land to the broadcaster or a third party investment company for the development of a turbine project.  In all cases, the local farmer, broadcaster and nation benefit by supplemental income, lower … [Read more...]